For Everyone!

Quidditch Matches

Happening every day! Just build your teams and sign up for a match!

The Fun!

What is Hogwarts without a few Quidditch Matches? Boring we say! Join us for fun matches of Quidditch every day! Sign ups for teams will be taken both online and at the event. Keep an eye open for announcements on Sign ups!

Broom Races!

All day Saturday!

Want to show off your Broom Racing Skills on that new Nimbus 2019 you made in the workshop? Have your own broom that can weave that magick and make you the winner? Join us all day Saturday as we hold Broom Races!

Voldemort's Great Plan - Puzzle Game

All day Saturday from 9am til 9pm

Voldemort had a great plan! And it would have been successful had Harry, Ron, Hermione, and you not come to stop him! Wait what you? That's right the trio has approached you for help in finding all of Voldemort's Horcruxes before the final battle! Can you find them in time? Can you get them into the Vanishing Box so they can destroy them? You will have to solve clues to get to the hidden locations of the boxes containing them. Build your team of investigators of up to 3- 6 people. This is also a fundraiser for St. Judes where all proceeds will go towards this charity. Cost to be a participant is a donation of $5 per person or more if you so desire. The team with the fastest completion time will be rewarded with the Tri-Wizard Cup!