For the Kids!

We will be providing a kids activity area for any child ages 10 and under this year at WicFest. This area will include many enjoyable activities such as:

  • Clay Projects
  • Coloring pages
  • Finger Painting
  • Arts and Crafts

Here are some important guidelines/ rules about the kids area:

  1. All children under the age of 5 years of age will be required to have an adult guardian with them.
  2. There will be outdoor activities for the children including water games. We highly suggest you send with your child an extra change of clothes, sunscreen, swim suit, and towels.
  3. When you deliver your child to the child’s play area you will be required to sign them both in and out at the area. There will be paperwork required in regards to your child that you must fill out.
  4. Your child should never be sent to the play area alone. If you allow them to come to this area alone they will be brought back to you.
  5. All parents and guardians will be asked to identify additional people who can pick up your child at the site. You and these people identified will be required to submit a photocopy of your IDs at registration. When you or your representative picks up your child you will be asked to show your photo ID. No child should/will be released without presenting an ID so please bring it with you.
  6. Our team will be observing your child during their time in the area. We ask you remind your child to be respectful and maintain a cooperative attitude while in our care. Any child that is uncooperative with our staff will be returned to their parents or guardians promptly.
  7.  As part of our requirements for attending the event you will be required to provide at least 2 hours of service in the children’s area. No exceptions will be granted. You will be asked to sign up for volunteer hours during the registration process at the kids area.
  8. Our staff is not professional medical staff. As such we legally cannot nor will we administrate any type of medications to your child. If your child must have a medication administrated you will have to come to the area and administrate it yourself.
  9. If your child has a medication that must be refrigerated you may drop it off in the kitchen for safe storage.
  10. Our staff does not change diapers. As such please ensure your child is potty trained. Dirty diapers will be reported to the parents and the parents will be asked to come clean their child.
  11. Please provide your child a large shirt to protect any clothing you do not want damaged during messy activities. We do not provide these.
  12. For those who may require a nap we will be having quite time through the day. We suggest you provide your child with a pillow and blanket.
  13. We ask that your explain to your child that once they are dropped off they must remain in our care. They are not allowed to leave unless you come check them out.
  14. We will provide lunch for your child. You are also welcome to sign your child out and take them to lunch with you.
  15. The Kids area will only be open from 9am until 5pm on Friday and Saturday. Sunday no kids area will be provided.

In regards to discipline:

Our staff has been instructed never to touch a child such as spanking a child. They have also been instructed to refrain from yelling at the children. With this said we must have some form of discipline for the children. As such we will be using a time out system. If after two times being placed into time out your child will be returned to you for discipline. Please understand our staff is not a professional child care taker. We only provide this service to allow adults the free time they desire. If it is found this service is taken advantage of we will be forced to discontinue it at the event.